QBCC 15248322 • ABN 31 641 936 709

Quality Assurance

The objectives which underpin the policy are:

  1. To develop a full understanding of the needs of our customers.
  2. To work in close co‐operation with clients, customers, suppliers and subcontractors to provide the right quality work and service, first time.
  3. To actively seek customer feedback and to use this as a format for continuous assessment and improvement.
  4. To develop the potential of our employees to ensure all members of staff are capable of undertaking work required in a safe and responsible manner, in accordance with the Company’s Health and Safety and Environmental policies. Achievement of these policy aims involves all staff, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all.

Statewide Roofing is fully committed to delivering the objectives of this quality policy statement within all its activities and work undertaken by the Company. Statewide Roofing has implemented a management structure that is based on the quality and commitment of its professional and experienced management and construction staff.

Our Managers have a specific responsibility for ensuring that the management structure reflects the quality standard, so that compliance with this Quality Policy is maintained and improved.

We are continually developing the Company’s operation and upgrading of IT systems and invest to a high degree in staff training to professional level. Statewide Roofing’s approach is to listen to our clients and customers and to openly discuss the individual requirements of every contract, thus ensuring that our clients remain fully satisfied with our service delivery.

With each project we undertake, a Quality Plan is implemented, encompassing control measures that ensure the client’s requirements are met, within the specified time, and in line with the budget. To this end, we endeavor to work as a committed team in a spirit of co‐operation with the client and their customers.

Statewide Roofing management and supervisory staff have the authority to make decisions, within the scope of their responsibilities, and are charged with working in accordance with the documented procedures.

Statewide Roofing’s objectives are:

In order for Statewide Roofing to achieve the above objectives, every employee and subcontractor must:

Do first rate quality work and stand behind it

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